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“NGO Modi Isi”

Dance – drama performance by women from Darlong village during PPHF-2019

This performance is based on the life story of a Great Hornbill pair, with love and loss as the central themes. Hornbills pair for life and are therefore a symbol of eternal love. In March, the female enters the nest and seals the cavity with her droppings, leaving only a small opening through which the male feeds her and the chick for four months. What happens if the male is killed? We explore this scenario in the performance with Nyolo Toki, an old and hauntingly beautiful Nyishi song. It is an emotional song that describes one woman’s search for her husband who has gone hunting in the forest but does not return for many days. The song evokes descriptions of nature and her immense grief at finding his lifeless corpse deep inside the forest.

Choreographer - Sangeeta Isvaran 
'Nyolo Tuki' singer - Mema Tok 
Video- Millo Tako and Rousell Guilain

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