Hornbill Nest Adoption Program

Saving hornbill homes with communities.

In order to protect hornbill nests outside Pakke Tiger Reserve from logging, hunting and fires, the Hornbill Nest Adoption Program was initiated in 2011 through a partnership between the Nature Conservation Foundation, Ghora-Aabhe Society and the Arunachal Pradesh Forest Department. Local villagers are employed as Nest Protectors and are supported by urban citizens from all over the country who adopt hornbill nests at Rs. 6000/nest for a year. In the last six years, more than 40 hornbill nests have been protected and more than 103 chicks have successfully fledged from these protected nests. Arguably, this is the only place in Arunachal Pradesh where hornbills can be seen roosting in large flocks in different villages. Although illegal logging and occasional hunting does occur in the Reserved Forest adjoining Pakke Tiger Reserve, there is hope and constant effort to minimize these threats. For more details about the Hornbill Nest Adotion Program, click here